Getting started with Pocady

Pocady is a mobile app that tracks the GPS coordinates of your business and personal contacts.

Pocady runs on Android (Apple OS coming soon) as well as on web platforms.

This document refers to getting started with Pocady on Android devices with version 5 (Lollipop) or newer. For Android v.4 (KitKat), you might have to update the Google Chrome browser and/or the Android System WebView app on your device.

By the end of this document’s instructions, you will have:

1. Install and load Pocady

On Google Play, search for Pocady or click here.

Install to load Pocady onto your mobile device.

Pocady will then request access to your information. Click “Accept” to agree and continue.

Loading Pocady Mobile App

The first time you load Pocady, Pocady will prompt you for your phone number and then will send you a pin number via SMS. If, whithin 30 seconds, you don’t receive the pin, click on “resend”.

Once you enter the 5-digit SMS pin on Pocady, it will be ready to go.

As soon as you enter the code received via SMS message and click on “Continue”, you will reach the below screen.

This is the Pocady Check-in screen.

On the check-in screen, the Pocady Tracker is accessed by clicking on the top-right crosshairs icon or on “track”, right below the check-in button (1).

Pocady Check-in Screen

Now let’s go to Pocady Tracker see yourself on the Map.

3. View Pocady Tracker

The Pocady Tracker view will show you a screen like this:

Pocady Map

On Pocady Tracker and other menu item screens, the Pocady menu is accessed by clicking on the top-left icon (1).

When you reach items within Pocady Tracker and want to the Pocady Check-in screen, just click on your phone’s “back” button on the bottom bar (9).

Now that you can see yourself, let’s configure your user name and avatar. Click on Menu/ User icon.

4. Configure Pocady Profile

To configure your Pocady user name and avatar, click on Menu/ User icon.

Pocady Menu

Type your username, select an image to be used as your Pocady avatar, and click on Save.

That’s it! You are now all set to track yourself and your contacts with Pocady!

Have more questions on using Pocady? Check out our FAQs: