GPS tracker for field reps

The work of a field rep can be overwhelming. Not only do they have the daily responsibility to fulfill quotas – whether number of visits, deliveries, or sales – but they also need to keep records on their mileage and whereabouts. Pocady is a GPS tracker for field reps that eliminates the need for them to manually keep track of those records. Wi... Read more

Export Pocady Data to Google Maps

Do you know you can export Pocady map data and open it in Google Maps? Pocady exports GPX and KML files directly from the tracker map screen, allowing you to import the files into Google Maps and see route data related to distances, check-ins, and mileage. This Pocady feature is also extremely useful when you want to see map details such as sa... Read more

GPS Tracker for Field Trips

There are many uncertainties that come with field trips, from lost children to traffic jams and wrong turns, so they can be a cause for concern for both parents and school administration. A GPS tracker for field trips can provide the peace of mind that parents and school staff need, without having to resource to disrupting (and sometimes unsafe... Read more

GPS Tracker for Employees

Does your business manage field employees, such as in delivery, off-site services, and outside sales? Then you know how hard it is to keep track of all your field professional’s whereabouts. Many are the concerns that would lead you to want to implement a GPS tracker for employees: From their safety to attendance records and calculating mileage... Read more

Getting started with Pocady

Pocady is a mobile app that tracks the GPS coordinates of your business and personal contacts. Pocady runs on Android (Apple OS coming soon) as well as on web platforms. This document refers to getting started with Pocady on Android devices with version 5 (Lollipop) or newer. For Android v.4 (KitKat), you might have to update the Google Chrome... Read more