Pocady Premium

Pocady Premium - only $4.99 per user/month

Pocady is 100% free of charge for daily use. However, you might find that you need some flexibility when it comes to accessing the information captured. In this is the case, Pocady Premium additional features provide:

Feature   Free     Premium
Price per user/month Free $4.99
GPS Tracking Access movement tracking application from any device or computer yes yes
Geo alerts Get alerts when your staff, friends and family arrive or leave predefined locations yes yes
Check-in alerts Receive instant notifications for check-ins at saved places yes yes
GPS tracking hours Have total control of GPS sharing hours to protect privacy and save battery yes yes
Messaging Send instant messages yes yes
Mileage Calculate daily mileage for personal or business purposes yes yes
History 90-day location history no yes
Downloads Download historical mileage and check-in reports no yes
Geo alert places Geo alert limit increase up to 30 places no yes
Number of places Increase number of places to 10000 no yes