GPS tracking for businesses

Managing outside staff is no easy task. For some businesses, however, it is inevitable. From issues ranging from employee safety to customer service, tax documentation, and asset protection, management can greatly benefit from GPS tracking their field employees with Pocady.

Pocady is a free mobile app and all you need is to install the Pocady sensor app - available from Google Play - on the smartphone or tablet that will be tracked.

Pocady benefits for businesses

And you can be sure that Pocady will respect your staff’s private time: with GPS sharing hour setup, they can be confident that they will only be tracked during your agreed-upon business hours.

Pocady Premium - only $4.99 per user/month

Pocady is 100% free of charge for daily use. However, you might find that you need some flexibility when it comes to accessing the information captured. In this is the case, Pocady Premium additional features provide: