Export Pocady Data to Google Maps

Do you know you can export Pocady map data and open it in Google Maps?

Pocady exports GPX and KML files directly from the tracker map screen, allowing you to import the files into Google Maps and see route data related to distances, check-ins, and mileage.

This Pocady feature is also extremely useful when you want to see map details such as satellite images and names of businesses along the route, as well as add map features such as markers and lines.

You might also want to perform tasks such as layering a field rep’s territory - that you already have outlined in Google Maps - with the customer round the rep performed on a certain date, imported from Pocady.

It is easy to import pocady.gpx and pocady.kml files into Google Maps. Just follow the below instructions or watch the video linked at the bottom of this post:

  1. On Pocady Tracker (map screen of the browser console), select the date and user and click on the bottom-right download button, as seen here: Pocady Download
  2. Choose to export GPX or KML. A file named pocady.gpx or pocady.kml will be downloaded to your computer.
  3. Go to https://www.google.com/maps/d
  4. Create a new map
  5. Add layer
  6. On the new layer, click on “Import”
  7. Upload the pocady.gpx or pocady.kml file you just downloaded.

Note: For GPX files, Google also calculates mileage/time reports. Click on the layer menu/ “Open data table” to view data.

Want to see how your Pocady route maps would show up in Google Maps? Access Pocady Tracker at app.pocady.com!

Export Pocady data to Google Maps